Our Favourite Patio Materials


Patios offer a number of benefits, including more functional outdoor space. You can choose to have a patio at the front, side or back of your building. Unlike decking, patios are usually ground-level. Because of this, drainage needs to be considered. Some patio materials are better at this than others, so we’re going to share our favourite choices here.

Brick & Block Paving

Bricks are a versatile choice of patio material. They can be laid in a number of different patterns, and also come in a range of colours. Thanks to their versatility, drainage solutions can be added almost anywhere within the bricks without looking unsightly. Channels will help water to drain away from your patio. Your construction team should consider the best place for the channel to feed the water to, as you don’t want to create flooding issues in your garden.


Porcelain tiles are simply stunning, and offer a smoothness that other materials cannot achieve. Although it looks beautifully shiny and glossy, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not slippery. This means it’s perfectly safe to use in wet areas, such as near hot tubs and swimming pools. Porcelain is a luxury option, and does come with a higher price tag. However, it’s easier to maintain than some patio materials and can be expected to last for a very long time.


Granite is another luxury option, and comes in a huge variety of colours. It looks great in any modern garden, and can be laid in a number of patterns. You can achieve clean lines and stylish results with a granite patio. Once it’s been sealed, granite is easy to clean with a simple brush or pressure wash. It’s also very durable and even heat resistant, so if you’re planning to use your outdoor space for open fires or barbecues, granite is the perfect patio material.

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At Whetstone Contractors, we’re proud to offer a full range of different patio materials. This means our customers will be able to get the results they want from their outdoor space, without compromising on style. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas and make them a reality.

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